Paul Baldwin
Keystone Pilot owns and operates the Fly This Sim FM210 Flight Simulator at Pottstown Municipal Airport (N47) in Pottstown, PA.
The FM210 provides a ful 210 degree lateral field of view and touch screen panels that can emulate most popular general aviation airplanes, including Cessna, Cirrus, Piper, Diamond and Beechcraft.
Training in a flight simulator helps you learn faster, fly safer, stay proficient and fly despite the weather. 
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  I earned my private pilot certificate at the tender age of 58. Wish I had the use of a simulator during training.

I am now working on the instrument ticket. Much easier with the FM 210

This is our Home Airport

One of the friendliest airports in Southeast Pennsylvania.

Great staff, great pilot community and great service

Pottstown Municipal

Our FBO is operated by Fly Elite. One of the premier general aviation service companies in this part of the country.

Flight training, airplane maintenance and management and aviation fuel with a smile

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